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Broadfield Stadium
(Crawley Town)

Address: Winfield Way,
West Sussex,
RH11 9RX

Capacity: 6,134 (3,295 Seated)

Crawley Town

A nice little ground that’s well packed in close to the edge of Crawley. Broadfield Stadium certainly isn’t the largest you will come across, but it’s perfectly adequate for the professional game.

Known for sponsorship reasons as The People’s Pension Stadium, it has been the home of Crawley Town Football Club ever since its opening in 1997.
Crawley had previously spent 48 years at their home of Town Mead before selling the land to developers and moving across town to Broadfield Stadium.

Since 2018, the ground has also been home to the Brighton and Hove Albion Women’s Team.

Location and Getting There

The stadium is located in Broadfield, hence its name, and is about one mile south of Crawley Town Centre. Broadfield Brook runs outside its West Stand, with Brighton Road (A23) running outside its East Stand. Heading south along Brighton Road eventually brings you to the M23 Motorway.

Most fans coming by car will arrive at the football ground from the M23, getting off the motorway at the nearby Junction 11 and heading up Brighton Road to the ground.
There is a car park in place around Broadfield Stadium’s exterior but it is not very big, and you should be able to find free parking on the streets nearby, either in the Broadfield area west of the ground or the Tilgate area to the east.

Crawley Station is close to the Town Centre and served by Southern and Thameslink Railway services, running on the same line as the much larger Three Bridges station which eventually goes down to Brighton.
The walk from Crawley Train Station to Broadfield Stadium is a fairly simple one along Brighton Road that takes about 25 minutes.

Outside the Ground

If you’re coming from the Town Centre down Brighton Road and are making your way around the Southgate Roundabout, you’ll notice a large red football in place on it. This is a good indication that you are close, and crossing the nearby road brings you to the football ground’s exterior, starting with the North Stand which is known for sponsorship reasons as the KR-L Stand.
The stand has a nice, simple exterior that is divided into three sections, black brickwork at the base, light-coloured brickwork in the middle, and white corrugated iron at the top.
There are turnstiles at the eastern end of the stand (13-14) which are for the away seats in the adjacent East Stand. The turnstiles for those in the KR-L Stand can instead be found at the opposite end, around the other side of the ground's northwest corner.
You can find a small opening on the stand’s outer wall that holds spaces for people to park and store bicycles, and there is part of the football ground’s car park out beyond it.

The exterior of the East Stand has a row of trees running along the back of it, and there is no path right outside of it as a result. You can walk along the footpath next to Brighton Road, but you have to go back into the football ground’s vicinity in order to reach the East Stand turnstiles.
The away turnstiles (13-14) are right up in the northeast corner behind a set of red gates, and the home turnstiles (11-12) are in the southeast corner. These home turnstiles also provide access to the Devils' Den.

The South Stand has been named after Bruce Winfield, the late co-owner and co-director of Crawley Town. It is otherwise known for sponsorship reasons however as the edenutilities Stand.
The stand's exterior mirrors that of the KR-L Stand opposite, using a black brickwork base, light-coloured brickwork in the middle and white corrugated iron at the top.
The space outside the edenutilities Stand makes up Crawley Town's FanZone. Included here is the popular Redz Bar, as well as a red Crawley Town merchandise hub that sells hats, scarves, food and drink. Close to the FanZone is a white Ticket Office that has two ticket sales windows and one ticket collections window.
The turnstiles for the edenutilities Stand itself (7-10) can be found on the other side of the ground's southwest corner.
Outside the edenutilities Stand and the FanZone is a 3G pitch.

The West Stand is the Main Stand at Broadfield Stadium.
Its exterior mirrors the design of the KR-L Stand, with dark brickwork at the base, light brickwork in the middle, and white corrugated iron in the upper parts with a red cantilever roof at the very top.
The centre of the stand holds the Players Entrance, Crawley Town Community Foundation, and the Main Entrance (Media and Hospitality). Slightly further south of here is the Crawley Town Main Ticket Office and Club Shop.
Turnstiles 1-10 are based on this side of Broadfield Stadium. Turnstiles 1-4 are at the northern end are for those in the KR-L Stand. Turnstile 5 is next door and is for Blocks E-G in the Main Stand. Turnstile 6 is at the southern end of the exterior and is for Blocks A-C in the Main Stand. Turnstiles 7-10 are next door and are for those in the edenutilities Stand.
The main bulk of Broadfield Stadium's car park is outside the Main Stand's exterior.

Inside the Ground

The KL-R Stand is made up of a single tier of standing terrace with a row of red metal bars along the very front and right at the very back.
There are no supporting pillars coming down from the roof and so your view of the pitch from behind the goal is perfectly clear.
The stand is directly connected to the Main Stand by terracing in the northwest corner, but the other side of the stand does not have a windshield in place, so the wind can get in here on a cold matchday.

The East Stand is made up of a single tier of entirely red seating.
Unlike the rest of Broadfield Stadium, the roof is soft and it gives the whole stand a carnival feel.
There are supporting pillars running very regularly along the front of the stand, and your view from almost every seat will be restricted as a result.
The East Stand does have a back wall to it, but there are no windshields at either end and as a result the wind can get in through here.
It is perhaps the poorest stand at Broadfield Stadium in terms of view and overall experience.

The edenutilities Stand is an exact carbon-copy of the KL-R Stand opposite.
It is a single tier of terracing with a row of red metal bars at the very front and very back for fans to lean on.
There are no supporting pillars coming down from the roof above, and the stand is connected to the adjacent Main Stand by terracing in the southwest corner.
There is no windshield at the opposite end of the edenutilities Stand, but you can find the Control Box over there in the southeast corner.

The Main Stand is the clear largest of the four at Broadfield Stadium.
It is made up of a single tier of entirely red seating, elevated above ground and with red staircases enabling supporters to get up to the seating area. Crawley Town’s changing rooms, dugouts and tunnel are all based in the stand, and the director’s seating blocks are based in the very centre. You can find a couple of executive boxes and the press boxes up along the back wall.
Because of the cantilever roof, there are no supporting pillars coming down from above. I would suggest against buying seats in the outermost seating blocks (A and G), especially the rows further back. Windshields in the Main Stand will massively restrict your view of either the north or south goal when based in these seats.
The spaces either side of the Main Stand seating area are taken up by the football ground’s refreshments area, and there are red barriers in place to keep fans in their designated stand.

Away Fans

Away fans are housed behind the goal in the KL-R Stand.
They are mostly given the entire standing terrace area on the north side of the ground, but Crawley sometimes offer a couple of seating blocks in the East Stand as well, normally the ones nearest to the northeast corner.

You do get a good view of the action as an away fan in the KL-R Stand, but large crowds will pack that terraced area to the brim, so be aware that you may not have a lot of space around you.
Views from inside the East Stand are restricted by supporting pillars in place down at the front.

Matchday Pubs

Pubs available to supporters on a matchday include:
-The Downsman (Wakehurst Drive, RH10 6DH) (Typically Home and Away Supporters)

-The Jubilee Oak (Grand Parade, 6 High Street, RH10 1BA) (A JD Wetherspoon Pub, Typically Home and Away Supporters) (Located northwest of Crawley Station)

-The New Moon (Brighton Road, RH10 6SZ) (Typically Home and Away Supporters)

-The Railway (2-4 Brighton Road, RH10 6AA) (Typically Home and Away Supporters) (Located near the Railway Crossing west of Crawley Station)

-The Redz Bar (Winfield Way, RH11 9RX) (Home and Non-Rival Away Supporters) (Located on the exterior of the Bruce Winfield Stand)


Broadfield Stadium is a nice, little modern stadium and ideal for professional football.
Its East Stand isn’t the best in terms of views from your seat, but the other three stands are very good and there is a nice mix of standing terrace behind either goal and seating areas on the sides of the pitch.

Definitely worth coming to see a football match at.

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