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Mazuma Stadium

Address: Christie Way,

Capacity: 6,476


What is lacks in size, it makes up for in its modern, practical design. The Mazuma Stadium is a very nice football ground and fully fit for giving both home and away fans a great experience.

Currently known for sponsorship reasons as the Mazuma Stadium, the ground formerly went under the name 'Globe Arena'. The Globe name came from Globe Construction who built it between 2009 and 2010.

It has been the home of Morecambe Football Club since its opening at the start of the 2009-10 season and replaced the Shrimps’ old venue Christie Park, where they had been since 1921.

Location and Getting There

The Mazuma Stadium is based in Westgate, around one mile south of Morecambe Town Centre. Morecambe Promenade and the Fylde Coast are both less than 1.5 miles away to the northwest, and The Stone Jetty is a further 0.5 miles north of there.
Heading inland to the west eventually brings you to the Middlegate White Lund Industrial Estate, whilst Oxcliffe Hill and the River Lune are a good while away outside of Morecambe to the southeast.

Finding free parking within good distance of the Mazuma Stadium should not be too hard.
The Regent Bay Holiday Park and Glen Caravan Park are directly south of the football ground but my suggestion would be to head west across the railway tracks and search for parking spaces on the streets around Regent Park, which is not too far away.
Parking is available at the nearby Westgate Primary School and Children's Centre at a cost of £5 per vehicle.

Morecambe Station is up towards The Stone Jetty and walking from there to the ground can take around 25 minutes.
Alternatively, you can walk across to the Bus Station and take the 6A service round to the south side of the Mazuma Stadium, getting off at the Morecambe FC stop.

Outside the Stadium

The vast majority of fans approach the Mazuma Stadium from its south side.

This first brings them to the Main Stand. Previously named after former chairman Peter McGuigan, it is now mostly known for sponsorship reasons as the Wright and Lord Stand.
The stand has a nice, modern exterior with its outer parts consisting of a dark grey brickwork base, grey corrugated iron higher up and red cantilever on top, whilst its inner parts consist of a lighter brickwork base with white panels and glass windows higher up. The centre of the Wright and Lord Stand protrudes out and you can find the Main Reception Entrance here. JB's Bar, named after iconic Morecambe player and manager Jim Bentley, is located to the left of the Main Reception Entrance. The Morecambe Club Shop is located to the right, and the Players and Officials Entrance is to the right of here.
Home turnstiles for the Wright and Lord Stand (1-2) are over towards the southwest corner, along with the Main Ticket Office and Ticket Collection Point. Away turnstiles (3-4) are over towards the southeast corner, along with an Away Tickets Collection Point.
On your way up to the Wright and Lord Stand you will pass the Hurley Flyer, a local pub which is open from 11am-11pm Monday to Saturday and 11am-10pm on Sundays. It’s worth making use of.

The Mazuma Stadium has a continuous road running around it and that means you can freely walk around all four sides of the football ground.
Continuing along this road in a clockwise direction from the Wright and Lord Stand brings you to the West Stand, which is known for sponsorship reasons as the Bartercard Stand.
The turnstiles here are detached from the stand itself and form part of a large sandy-coloured brick wall, with the turnstiles at either end of the stand protruding out and up like castle towers. Turnstiles 13-14 at at the southern end of the brick wall and Turnstiles 11-12 are at the northern end.
The area behind the brick work is used as the Bartercard Stand’s outer concourse.

The sandy-coloured brick design continues round to the North Stand, otherwise known for sponsorship reasons as the MGS (Morecambe Gas Showroom) Terrace.
Spaces along the plain exterior are used for private parking spots and to house containers. A section of the exterior protrudes out in the centre, and you can see the television gantry up overhead.
Turnstiles into the MGS Terrace (9-10) are based within this central protruding section.
Out beyond the MGS Terrace is a full-size 3G pitch and a smaller 3G pitch alongside it.

The East Stand is known for sponsorship reasons as the Dennison Trailers Terrace.
Its exterior mirrors the design of the Bartercard Stand opposite, with the sandy-coloured brickwork wall along the front, and the stand’s outer concourse in the space behind it.
Turnstiles are at either end of the stand. Turnstiles 7-8 are at the northern end and Turnstiles 5-6 are at the southern end.
Rows of car parking spaces are set up beyond the Dennison Trailers Stand.

Inside the Stadium

The Wright and Lord Stand is single-tiered and the only one at the Mazuma Stadium which is all-seater.
The four outside blocks are coloured white whilst the central blocks are coloured red with a row of executive boxes up at the back. The Function Room Balcony is half-way up the stand’s central blocks, with the C-Premier blocks down the front. The two blocks next to the southeast corner (Blocks A and B) form what is known as the Beyond Radio Stand for sponsorship reasons.
Morecambe’s changing rooms, dugouts and tunnel can all be found inside and down the front of this stand.
Because of the cantilever roof above, there are no supporting pillars coming down and so your view is perfectly clear from any seat inside the Mazuma Stadium's southern side.
Large windshields also cover every row at either end.

The Bartercard Stand is made up of a single tier of standing terrace and is about half the size of the adjacent Wright and Lord Stand.
There are three rows of red metal bars running across the terraced area which fans can lean on, and with no supporting pillars coming down from the roof, your view is perfectly clear from anywhere inside.
Large windshields are also at place at each end which protect every row from the sides.

The MGS Terrace is only a few rows high and completely uncovered. The only protection fans in here have from the wind and the rain is the back wall behind them. There is a red bar running along the front of the terraced area which fans can lean on.
There’s a gap in the centre of the stand which is where fans enter from turnstiles and where you can also grab refreshments, and in the northeast corner is an electronic scoreboard which hangs off the ground's Control Box.

The Dennison Trailers Terrace is similar in height to the Bartercard Stand opposite but does not have as many rows of terracing inside.
Two rows of metal bars are in place for fans to lean on and you have to walk up one of two small staircases to get to the standing area. The main idea of this design is to make if difficult for fans in here to get onto the pitch and disrupt the game.
Your view is perfectly clear from inside the Dennison Trailers Terrace Stand as there are no supporting pillars coming down, and windshields are in place which protect every row from either side.

Away Fans

The location of away fans depends on the size of the travelling allocation.
Small crowds are kept in just the Beyond Radio Stand (Blocks A and B on the southern side of the Mazuma Stadium) where they are offered exclusively seating and clear views of the pitch from anywhere inside.
Larger away crowds are given the Dennison Trailers Terrace behind the goal as well, which also offers clear views from anywhere inside.

Similarly, the MGS Terrace tends to only be in use when the Mazuma Stadium is completely full, because of how poor cover it provides to those stood in there. This northern terrace however is only used by home supporters.

Matchday Pubs

Pubs available to supporters on a matchday include:
-The Boardwalk (100 Marine Road West, LA4 4DQ) (Designated for Away Supporters) (Located on the Seafront) (A Bus Stop outside enables you to get straight to the Mazuma Stadium itself from here)

-The Eric Bartholomew (10-18 Euston Road, LA4 5DD) (A JD Wetherspoon Pub, Typically Home and Away Supporters) (Located near the Seafront and the Arndale Shopping Centre)

-The Hurley Flyer (Christie Avenue, LA4 4TB) (Typically Home and Away Supporters) (Located just south of the Mazuma Stadium itself)

-The Kings Arms (248-250 Marine Road East, LA4 4BJ) (Typically Home and Away Supporters) (Located near the Seafront and the Eric Morecambe Statue)

-Station Promenade (Old Station Buildings, Marine Road West, LA4 4DB) (Home and Away Supporters) (Located near the Seafront and the Midland Hotel)

-The William Mitchell (Glentworth Road West, LA4 4SZ) (Typically Home and Away Supporters)


One of the newer stadiums in English football, the Mazuma Stadium is a really nice ground.
It has a very modern-looking design with great views from any of its four stands, albeit one of them doesn’t have a roof overhead.
Its seating area is top class despite its small size and the two terraced stands behind the goals can accommodate a good number of home or away supporters.

Decently located within reach of Morecambe’s public transport system as well, it is very hard to find faults in this place.
A lovely little ground that you need to come and experience a football match at.

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