Select From The Stadiums Below

AFC Bournemouth

Dean Court
(AFC Bournemouth)

Renovations since the turn of the 21st century have created a very practical, modern football stadium. Its tenants desire to further expand their facilities has not gone away though...


Ashburton Grove
(Emirates Stadium)

A world class football stadium, but there are plenty who believe it will never be as good as the place that was once called home...

Aston Villa

Villa Park
(Aston Villa)

Simply one of the most iconic football stadiums in the whole United Kingdom...


Brentford Community Stadium

You can often look at the words spelt out with the seats inside a stadium and work out what team plays there. That certainly isn’t possible to do here, though its unique shape should help to make it standout amongst others...

Brighton and Hove Albion

Falmer Stadium
(Brighton and Hove Albion)

Some new stadiums are built on the outskirts and it affects how easily you can reach them. This is one of those...


Stamford Bridge

The kind of stadium you'd want to put against a wall so that people don't have to see one side of it...

Crystal Palace

Selhurst Park
(Crystal Palace)

A long-standing football ground with a big future in the works and an atmosphere you likely won't forget for a while...


Goodison Park

A nostalgic venue that has stood the test of time to remain one of the biggest and best-known stadiums in the entire United Kingdom...


Craven Cottage

Very soon, this is going to be a stadium that quite literally has the old and the new on opposite sides of the pitch...

Leeds United

Elland Road
(Leeds United)

You can say what you want about the club that plays here, but what's impossible to deny is that for those who follow the Whites, Leeds is their religion, and Elland Road is their chapel...

Leicester City

Filbert Way
(King Power Stadium)
(Leicester City)

When the noise from a stadium has been known to produce small earthquakes, you know that you are at somewhere special...



If you know anything about football, you'll know of Anfield and its globally recognised tenants. From the famous Kop End to the mightily impressive new Main Stand, Reds fans take great pride in their stadium and its reputation...

Manchester City

City of Manchester Stadium
(Manchester City)

The beating heart of the world class Etihad Campus, which also includes Manchester City's CFA (City Football Academy) and modern-looking Academy Stadium, the City of Manchester Stadium's unique exterior design has helped cement its place as one of the most unique grounds around...

Manchester United

Old Trafford
(Manchester United)

It does not matter if you are 6 or 60, the first time you see Old Trafford in the flesh, it takes your breath away...

Newcastle United

St. James' Park
(Newcastle United)

In a city with one huge football club, it's fitting that its home is one of the finest and most iconic across not just England, but the whole of Europe...

Nottingham Forest

City Ground
(Nottingham Forest)

One of England’s most historic football grounds that has had a life few others are likely to ever experience, the City Ground has stood the test of time to remain a stadium fit for the modern game...


St. Mary's Stadium

An excellent, modern stadium which offers a great matchday experience for all who visit...

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
(Tottenham Hotspur)

Simply a world class venue, not just for football but for whatever event you want it to hold...

West Ham United

London Stadium
(West Ham United)

It's worth remembering what this stadium was originally built to host. For International athletic events, London Stadium is among the best on the planet, for football matches, it isn't as suitable...

Wolverhampton Wanderers

(Wolverhampton Wanderers)

One of English football’s most recognisable grounds. Molineux is a fantastic stadium and the perfect home for a club with a proud history...